Max Starks Back With The Steelers, Why The Yearly Debate?

The Pittsburgh Steelers pick up and release Max Starks about as often as a normal person changes their clothes.  I guess the question I have is…Why?  All Max does is perform well and get his job done right.  Big Ben loves him, and he is 6′ 8″ 340+ lbs and has a wing span of a 747.   What’s not to like?

He has been injury prone recently, but he tends to get his surgeries in the off season and he fills in when you need him most.     He is as good as anyone we have at tackle right now because the rookie is unproven, so why do the Steelers continue to drop him at the end of every season, then pick him up before the next season?  Since 2004, he has started 79 games.

His injury situation is the reason other teams have not taken a chance on him.   But the Steelers know what they have with him.   So why not just sign him for a minimal contract for a couple of seasons?

As we all know, the contracts in Football are not worth the paper they are written on.    Players hold out and ignore what they have signed, and the teams let players go before they are done paying for them.    So just sign the guy and get it over with.   Does not hurt to have depth in a position that is so important to this team.    And is it not imperative that they keep Big Ben Upright?   How better then to put a guy the size of a house in front of Ben to protect him.

Some of what teams do in the off season makes little sense to me, and this is just one of those things.     Solid offensive lineman are not a dime a dozen, so Kevin Colbert and Art Rooney, do what is right, sign him for a couple of seasons and stop this madness.

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