Matt Leinart Needs to Let His Game Speak for Him

Just like with the corporate world, being a negative influence at work could get you fired in the NFL. Perhaps that’s the thing keeping Matt Leinart from the starting position in Arizona. The Cardinals quarterback was the heir apparent to Kurt Warner, but Ken Whisenhunt says he hasn’t made up his mind about who will start for the team.

Leinhart is up and down. Consistently is definitely not his strong suit, although to listen to him talk about it, he makes it sound as if he’s headed for the ProBowl. He publicly whined about competing with Derek Anderson for the starting job, saying that he had “outplayed the competition.” Maybe he’s one of those people who thinks he can make a statement like that and defend himself by saying he didn’t mention Anderson by name. Doesn’t matter, because what Leinart should have been doing is just playing and not talking.

The kicker in all this is that Leinart admits he didn’t talk with Coach Whisenhunt about his performance. So he talks to reporters instead? That will surely endear him to his team! (Not.)

What Leinart doesn’t seem to realize is that his time with the Cardinals may be coming to a close, and by mouthing it off about it, it could also jeopardize his chances to get picked up by a new team. He really just needs to keep his head down, and do his job. Even if that means he is a backup quarterback for now.

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