Mark Sanchez Is The New Constant In New York

Sanchez calling a play
What I find interesting about Mark Sanchez is that he is a good looking kid who can play football.  But, he’s also the good looking kid, who can play football, and doesn’t mind being open about how he’s coming to grips with his role as the starter in New York.

He told an interviewer that, at one point, he wanted to fight Rex Ryan after Ryan was questioning his abilities.  He said:

“That’s part of the reason Rex drafted me, because I value this job. It’s my life.  If somebody wanted to take that away from me, it’s personal.”

It’s personal.  That’s what makes him more valuable than someone like Alex Smith or Chad Henne.  Those guys just play football.  This dude, Sanchez, means business everyday.

I just heard a story on the radio today about how he was in the huddle at camp and he was taking first team snaps.  The staff wanted to put in Mark Brunell to take a couple snaps, and Brunell was going to come in and take a few snaps just to get some work in.  He was walking out to the huddle, and Sanchez told him “no.”

Sanchez believes that this is his team.  He doesn’t want anyone in that huddle besides himself.  The offensive staff was coming onto the field and telling him to leave the huddle.  He said he wouldn’t do it.

Being the quarterback of the New York Jets means that much to him.  He’s got it so engrained in his head that he should not give anything up or take anything for granted.  He knows he needs to get better.  He knows he needs to lead the team, and he knows that he has to give everything or the Jets can’t get over the hump.

I respect him more today than I did before.  Good job, Mark.

Creative Commons License photo credit: edogisgod

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