Manning THE Franchise Player

It may not mean much.  Labor strife in the NFL has everything up in the air.  No trades are allowed, no free agent signings, although the draft will be held in April.

Until then, no activity will be allowed except for contract negotiations.  The famous Franchise tag is still being used until March 3rd when the lockout could commence.  Still working though, is the rumor mill.  And the biggest rumor today is it will be announced tomorrow the Indianapolis Colts will place their franchise tag on quarterback Peyton Manning.

That is the biggest understatement in the league today.  The epitome of a “franchise” player has to be Manning.  If it wasn’t for Manning, the Colts wouldn’t have 2 Super Bowl appearances and one win.

The 13 year veteran didn’t have his most stellar year.  Manning threw for 33 TD’s and had 17 passes intercepted.  But the 4700 yards through the air helped lead the Colts back into the playoffs again.

It’s funny that the league debates who the Most Valuable Player is every year.  This year it was Tom Brady.  A good pick.  Even Michael Vick could argue he was deserving.  However just look at the teams they play for and compare them to the Colts.  There is no way the Colts make the playoffs without Manning, and that is based upon all the injuries they sustained and had to work through as the season developed.

Manning stayed the course and worked with his new crop of receivers, along with his third string running back and pulled this depleted team into the first round of the post season, before losing to the Jets.  Manning directs this offense like a maestro, orchestrating every move the team makes.  Calling plays out at the line and setting up his team as best he can.

Watching Manning is a treat.  He is the consummate professional and never let’s anything stand in his way.  Injuries, penalties, nothing stops him.  He reads defenses, knows the weaknesses and knows exactly when and where to get the ball.

During this past season Manning had a problem with interceptions towards the end of the season.  Although Manning never used it as an excuse, he had only one player in Reggie Wayne that was on the same page.  The rest of the receivers had to learn how to work with Manning, thus the interception problems.

There is no player more worthy of the Franchise tag than Peyton Manning, and he proves it every year.


  1. Brian Hall says:

    I completely agree. He’s not only the most reliable QB in the league, he is also one of the best offensive play callers and developers of young talent. No QB could do as much as Manning has for the careers of Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, and Jacob Tamme. He may be getting older, but he’s still the most valuable player in the league.

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