Making Me Look Good

Earlier this weekend, I wrote about some of the hot stocks to watch in the upcoming NFL Draft. One of those picks was Michael Floyd.  With the latest news, Mr. Floyd is making me look good.

Michael Floyd has been invited to the NFL Draft.  This generally means that the NFL believes Michael has a good shot of going fairly high up in the first round.  Only players like that get an invite to come to New York.  The latest buzz has Floyd possibly going as the FIRST wide receiver in this year’s draft ahead of Justin Blackmon.  Blackmon has long been held as the wide receiver who would go first.  That is until after Floyd’s magnificent Pro Day.  Now, everything has shifted.

Floyd’s stock is so hot that he has multiple visits with teams scheduled before the draft takes place.  This week he is scheduled to meet with the Titans, Rams, Jets and Bengals.  Last week, he met with the Panthers and Browns.  He also conducted a private workout with the Eagles.  Next week, he will visit the Dolphins, Cardinals, 40ers, and Vikings.  That’s quite the list leading up the draft.

The Rams have the sixth pick in this year’s draft and the spot is just waiting for him to fill it.  The Rams let Brandon Lloyd walk over to the Patriots in free agency this year and Sam Bradford needs someone to throw to.  With some sports experts calling Floyd possibly the next Larry Fitzgerald, a spot with the Rams seems like the perfect fit.

The Jets have the 16th pick in this year’s draft.  The only problem with taking Floyd is that the Jets already have the disgruntled, yet still standing wide receiver Santonio Holmes.  However, they are not going to have Plaxico Burrress coming back and the team had a hard time finding a competent replacement for Jericho Cotchery.  Holmes could find a place with the Jets if he lasts to the 16th pick.

The only drawback for Floyd is his history of alcohol-related incidents in college.  There may be teams out there that just don’t want to take on that character flaw and hope it works itself out when he gets into the NFL with almost unlimited funds and a much bigger stage on which to make a fool of oneself.

His athletic ability and his ability to become an immediate contributor to a team could outweigh his character issues.  The NFL seems to believe that he will go fairly high up in the first round by their invitation and Mr. Floyd is making my pick look really good about now.

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