Longwell Says There Is a 50/50 Chance Favre Will Return

Is it ever too early to talk about the reoccurring question of Brett Favre’s retirement? Apparently not to Ryan Longwell. If Longwell was a betting man, and I have no idea if he is, he’d put odds on Favre coming back at 50%. As in, either he will or he won’t. Isn’t it great that Longwell decided to share that with us?

Longwell has been on the Packers and Vikings with Favre and according to one source saying he think it’s “only 50-50 that Favre will return to play for the Vikings this season.” I love the fact that this quote is “only 50-50” when in fact it could also be read as “as high as 50-50.” Saying “50-50” in general usually means he will or he won’t.

The problem with quoting a playing like Longwell (who I do like and respect by the way) is that he is just guessing. You’d think he’d have an “in” being Favre’s teammate for so long, but when it comes to Favre I’m not even sure he knows what he’ll do next.

So…. 50-50? For me, I’ll give it even better odds. I say it’s 95% in favor that Favre will return. I’m almost positive he will. That 5% cush I’ve added has to do with Favre’s lame statement of saying that if Southern Mississippi would win it all, he’ll be back. (Southern Mississippi lost this weekend and is now out of the running.) Still, I don’t think it means a hill of beans to Favre, and this statement was just one of those rallying cries to help encourage them. (Win for me! I’ll come back if you do! Or wait…. you didn’t win? Well I’m coming back anyway.)

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