Lions At 5-0

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I’m not Bill Simmons, so, not everyone knows where I’m from or my team allegiances.  I live in Atlanta, I used to love Georgia Tech and hate Georgia.  Then, a few years ago, I decided that Georgia was alright and that they deserved to do well.  So, that was about the time that Matthew Stafford was coming onto the scene.  That means that I actually care if Matthew Stafford does well or not.

Now, I was a little confused about how his first couple years in the league weren’t going that well, but I think I understood that between the injuries and being in Detroit, it was just hard.

However, he’s had Calvin Johnson (which is hilarious to us down here because Calvin is from Tech,) and that made everything better.  Now, I cannot attest that he got it all of the sudden, but he clearly gets something.  Plus, the Lions have been getting it for years through the draft.

The Lions are 5-0 for the first time since 1956.  Yep, 1956.  For a little perspective:  In 1956, my dad was 13 and hadn’t even met my mom yet because he had  not yet moved to the house that put him close enough to my mom’s family’s house to meet her.

55 years later, the Lions figured it out again.  Are they the class of the NFC North?  No, they aren’t.  The Packers are, but the Lions are still very, very good.  This low profile of sorts will give them an advantage when they head into the playoffs.  Chances are, they will have a hard time winning the division, and that means that they will go into the playoffs with a low level of expectations.

Chances are, those are expectations that they will exceed rather quickly come January.


Creative Commons License photo credit: yodie ann

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