Lesson in McDaniels Firing: If You Cheat, You Have to Win

Hey, we knew as soon as Josh McDaniels was given the vote of confidence from Broncos owner Pat Bowlen that his days were numbered. The Broncos were losing, and McDaniels was in over his head. More than that, however, McDaniels had embarrassed the team by getting caught cheating. Sure, his mentor and previous boss Bill Belichick cheated in exactly the same way, but Belichick won. Does it make a difference? Cheating is cheating. Isn’t it?

In the NFL, perhaps cheating is tolerated if you win. After all, Belichick was given massive fines for cheating, but that’s not the same as getting canned. Last I checked, Belichick is still in the league and coaching for the very team he cheated for.

What’s the real message with the McDaniels firing?

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