Leinart Still Clueless Despite First Touchdown Pass

Will Ferrell gets ID'd on the USC side-lineArizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart recently claimed that he did not know why he had been benched last preseason game in favor of former Brown Derek Anderson and the former Heisman winner even claimed that he had done everything right this preseason.

Leinart made the following statement earlier in the week after discovering he had been benched:

I feel like I’ve done everything I can as a quarterback to get to this point. I’ve played well in three games, and I’m continuing to work hard to get better, to continue to lead this team, and that’s all I can do. I’ve just got to let my play speak for itself.

Of course the one obvious fact that Leinart is overlooking is that despite his accurate numbers in the first two games, his starting eleven under his helm had not scored a single touchdown in their first four quarters of action and as a unit were unproductive. And anyone that watched the former USC star on Monday night football against the Titans last week knows just how ineffective the former backup looked during the spotlight game. In fact if Leinart was able to keep you watching that late night game then it was surely just because you really, really missed professional football. 

But earlier this weekend Leinart did in fact score his first touchdown of the season and did in fact also prove that he still remembered where the goal line paint actually was. Of course his first NFL preseason touchdown of the season would come as a backup entering the game near the end of the third quarter against a questionable backup Chicago Bears defense.

And Leinart did look good in the game, but it was against a bunch of guys that will be bagging groceries in a few weeks. The truth is that nobody takes Matt Leinart seriously because he has lacked to prove that he deserves to be. In fact his most memorable NFL moment so far was probably the release of all of those ridiculous pictures taken a few years back with under-aged girls chugging champagne bottles in a hot tub.

And as I said regarding Antonio Bryant’s release from the Bengals “you can’t make the club sitting in the tub.” Well Leinart will make the club, but don’t expect the guy to turn into Kurt Warner overnight.  

Derek Anderson, on the other hand, appears to be able to throw the deep ball much better then the hot tub time machine quarterback. And that could be exactly what Arizona needs this season.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mil8

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