Labor Chaos!

Solidarity, Teachers & Hotel Workers
Judge Susan Nelson has lifted the lockout and issued an injunction in the case of “Brady v. NFL”.  Personally, it’s hilarious that the case is Brady versus the NFL.  Something about the golden boy of the golden franchise that gets away with everything suing the NFL almost seems counterintuitive.

However, now come the ideals.  Should players show up to work?  I heard that many player reps were telling their guys to get their butts into the team facility.  However, I also know that there wasn’t much for them to do.  Apparently, with weight rooms closed and no contact allowed between players and coaches there wasn’t much for the players to do.  But, if they have a bonus coming up for doing the offseason workout program then I can understand sprinting into work today.

Because the lockout is off — for now — there seems to be some confusion as to what can and cannot be done.  Granted, I’m no legal expert, but I do know this:

1.  There need to be some rules, and there need to be some rules now.

2.  If the judge is taking her time I can understand, but this affects the draft and that means a federal judge who probably could’ve cared less about football could decide how this year’s draft goes.

3.  Everything the teams and players do right now, they do at their own peril.

You know who I really feel bad for?  The coaches.  They’re busting their butts at work with no players.  They literally have no idea who they’re working with and all of their time is being spent, likely, deciding how they’ll fill the holes they have through the draft.  That’s not productive at all.

At best this means the draft could get better.  At worst, this could lead to a very bad NFL season.

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