Kurt Warner Off of Dancing With the Stars

I never saw Dancing With the Stars until this year, because of course I had to see how Kurt Warner did. He made it to the top five, and I didn’t think he was bad at all. It was interesting, on a previous show he brought Anna Trebunskaya to Arizona training camp to see how she could perform. You know, on DWTS they do all these moves and it’s difficult to learn them, but Trebunskaya kept on telling him that it was “so easy.” So to prove to her that what’s easy for one person isn’t easy for someone else, he brought her to football camp.

I have to say, I wasn’t happy that certain people are still on that show, while football great and awesome guy Kurt Warner gets voted off. The previous episode also had Emmit Smith come back as a judge for Kurt. I wonder why football players are so popular on that show? They really seem to garner the fan support more than other athletes or even some stars. Could it be because football is totally AWESOME? Yeah. It could.

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