Kicking Out The Panthers–Are They Taking Over The NFC South?

Ron Rivera had to kick his players out of the team facility in order to comply with the new CBA because the players can only be in the facility for so many hours during what is no Phase Three.  Because he has to check on that, and it’s kind of a story, I have to ask if the Panthers will be taking over the NFC South.  The division always turns over and it always looks different at the top every year.  When Cam Newton was breaking all kinds of rookie passing records and looking fantastic, his team was getting a fire to get better.  So, they have to be kicked out of the facility.

I think this happens in many other team facilities because the coaches probably have to monitor all of that stuff so they don’t get in trouble with the league, but, in Carolina, this is a big deal.  They got more than they bargained for in Cam Newton, and now this entire team thinks they can own their division.  Some people might argue that this is still the toughest division in football.

I think the Panthers can easily take over the NFC South because the NFC South is ripe for the taking.  The Saints are fractured.  The Falcons are timid.  The Bucs have a new coach and aren’t there yet.  So, yeah, there is plenty of room for the Panthers to be the tough team that takes over the division and forces the other teams in the division to take a step back.

Do I think this is going to happen right now?  Yeah, I think it could.  I really think it could.  I think it could start now and not end for quite a long time.  Cam Newton is young, isn’t he?  Look out for the storm, my friends.


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