Judge Rules Against NFL

On Tuesday, US District Court Judge David Doty ruled against the NFL in the NFL Player’s Union case against the league regarding their TV revenues.  Doty, who has jurisdiction over NFL labor matters, said there will be a hearing to determine what should happen to that money.

Needless to say the two NFL sides were not on the same page with the ruling.  The NFL was not happy that Doty would be the one to decide this issue in the first place and they are certainly not happy with the ruling.  The NFL had hoped to have the 4 billion dollars from this TV revenue deal in an escrow account to use in case of a lockout.  The Players Union accused the NFL of structuring TV contracts agreed to in 2009 and 2010 so owners would be guaranteed money even if there were a work stoppage in 2011, while not getting the most revenue possible in other seasons, when income would need to be shared with players.  The Players Union was as expected very happy with the ruling on Tuesday.

Doty will now set a hearing date to determine what should be done with the revenue money.  The Players Union has long argued that the 4 billion dollars gives the league an unfair advantage in labor negotiations as they would have a “war chest” to fall back on while the union has none.  All the while, negotiations continue in the hopes of working out something before the March 4 deadline.

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