Josh McDaniels Fired From Broncos

Josh McDaniels is no longer employed by the Denver Broncos. The under fire coach was relieved from his head coaching duties early this afternoon. McDaniels had recently come under serious scrutiny with the revelation that he had a staff member tape a San Francisco 49ers practice while facing the team in London earlier this season. McDaniels was of course an assistant under Bill Belichick who had been fined for a similar incident a few years back.

But unlike his mentor, McDaniels struggled to win during his brief reign as head coach in Denver. Following an impressive 6-0 start to the 2009 season, McDaniels side staggered to a 2-8 finish and missed the playoffs in the process. This season they are 3-9 making a recent run of 5-17 for the club over the last season and a half.

But most of McDaniels real problems would come with his management decisions and poor off of the field conduct. The young former New England man would immediately trade away the team’s franchise QB and replace him with an unproven backup once his deal for Matt Cassell fell through. Then he would trade for Brady Quinn and draft Tim Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft following a 9 million dollar bonus awarded to Orton for next season.

In other words McDaniels never appeared to be a general manager or even a productive head coach in the NFL and his short reign over Denver blew up in his face due to be giving too much too soon in his coaching career. The coach could emulate Belichick in his press conference behavior and coaching ideals, but the lack of experience would far out weigh any credibility McDaniels could build around his own camp.

Josh McDaniels time in Denver has come to an end.

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