Jokes on Favre Bombard Twitter

Deanna Favre was on the morning talk shows this morning taking about her new book, but of course the media folks had to ask her about the scandal with her hubby and Jenn Sterger. Deanna kept it classy and said she was “relying on faith” to get through everything. She wouldn’t go into any of it, wouldn’t answer questions, and instead deflected. I say: good for her.

There is tons of Favre-talk going on, including plenty of jokes. The most common one?

From Gambo620 (and many others):

Deanna Favre issued a statement saying, “Those pics Brett sent to that woman were meant for me, but you know Brett, they were intercepted.

There were some who also pointed out that “Sterger” is “regrets” spelled backward.

Perhaps my favorite quote was from SavvyWorkingGal, who said:

I forgot Brett Favre #15minutesendnow

I like the Twitter tag on that one.

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