Jim Brown Released from Brown’s Senior Management Team

Should former players have say so with how the current team is being run? That’s the question at hand with the Browns. They just released Jim Brown from their management staff, so now he won’t be part of the “inner circle.”

Jim Brown is a pretty outspoken guy, but is he helping the Browns by being vocal? That’s the issue. There are some teams that honor their great players, which is awesome, and then there are teams that allow former players to affect the current situation. Teams, and football change. So while it’s great to have knowledge of someone that used to play, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to keep them on staff just to advice. If they aren’t genuine coaches, I think they don’t need to be involved.

I’m torn on the situation, especially because I think that the great players should be honored and respected. But I also think teams need to manage in the best way that will help them move forward. While I don’t agree with some of Holmgren’s tactics, I do think he’s got a huge job ahead of him in getting the Browns to being a winning team, let alone a championship team. In this case Jim Brown is probably better off being an analyst and ‘casual observer’ rather than part of the inner circle.

What do you think?

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