Jets/Steelers — What Happened

The Jets had already won the biggest game of their season.  They had left everything on the field — in Foxboro.

When the Steelers came out for the AFC title game they were just getting started.  They ran the ball down the Jets’ throats.  They broke tackles like crazy.  The Jets almost weren’t even trying to tackle at times.  It just didn’t seem like they were all there.

Darrelle Revis made one nice play on the ball, he jumped a route, and the ball went through his hands.  Everytime they showed the rushing yards graphic the Jets had single digits (for most of the game) and the Steelers were in triple digits.

I think Rex Ryan may have overestimated his team’s ability to get up and ready for this game.  He was raring to go.  At one point the Jets committed a stupid penalty and they got a shot of Rex putting out a whole paragraph of expletives (the lip reading was kind of fun), but his Jets team just didn’t seem as fired up.

Combine that with Mark Sanchez not getting very much protection and the Jets not getting hot until late in the game and you have a disappointing loss for the Jets.

Just before the end of the first half I turned to my Dad and said, “This game is over”.  Then he tells me, “They still have the whole second half to play, son”.  Well, he was right, but the game WAS over.

A little later, when the Steelers scored again and only allowed a field goal to the Jets I told him, “Have the Jets just become the Eagles?”

He nodded knowingly.

It’s unfortunate, but maybe, just maybe, the Jets became the Eagles.  They’ll get to a Super Bowl, one day, but it might their only one.


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