Jets/Giants, Who Has The Advantage?

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Honestly, neither team.  The Meadowlands is a cool stadium, but it is home to two NFL teams.  When you get them in there at the same time, you end up with the fans seated like a college football game crowd, only, together.  So, there really is no advantage because it’s just loud all the time.  Everyone is screaming about something.  That’s just kind of the way they do it.

Who has the advantage in the game itself?  Probably the Giants.  If we were to place trust in someone, would you place trust in Eli Manning or Mark Sanchez?  Manning, right?

I don’t have any reason to trust Sanchez against Manning simply because I don’t think that Sanchez can put in the kind of performance that Manning is capable of putting in.  Given that, I’m going to go with the Giants.

Plus, the Giants have a little bit more to play for.  Their division is completely messed up, and, if they keep losing, they could, potentially, help put the Eagles in the playoffs.  Not only is that unacceptable, but it will likely get Tom Coughlin fired.  I’m thinking that there is no way he’s going to let that happen.  Sure, they have had collapses, but they haven’t done anything as terrible as what the Cowboys have done this season.

The Jets.  Do they really have the juice to get back to the AFC title game?  Nope.  They simply do not have a cohesive unit.  They have Revis Island, but that is not proving to be enough to stop people.  If they can’t stop the run and they can’t stop the opposing QB from throwing to the other side, it doesn’t matter what Revis does.

A lockdown corner is not enough to make your defense great.  I think we all see that now, and I like Eli more than I like Revis anyways.

Creative Commons License photo credit: CBP Photography

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