James Harrison Mulls Retirement

Former Defensive Player of the Year and Steelers linebacker James Harrison is reportedly considering retiring due to the stiff $75,000 fine the player received for two different helmet to helmet hits on Browns players last weekend. Harrison, who left practice early yesterday, believes that if he can’t play the game the way he has since his Pop Warner days then why continue to pile up costly fines and lose tons of money?

And I personally, believe Harrison is completely full of it and simply left practice because he was taking a personal day or whatever you want to call it. First off, if Harrision were fined $75,000 dollars every single game he played in he still would be making more money then he could in any other profession and if Harrison were to retire this week he would roughly have to return or miss out in around $22 million dollars worth of signing bonus money and guaranteed money in his remaining deal.

As I have said before $75,000 dollars is not as extreme as these football players like to make it sound. Harrison has much more money at stake to remain an NFL player rather then to walk away from the game due to fines for helmet to helmet hits. The truth is that these fines only scratch the surface of what the proper punishment should be. If a player injures another player on an extremely dirty hit then the penalized player shoud be required to miss as much time as it takes for the injured player to return. If the hit was unintentional then the punishment should not be as severe, but what the NFL is doing by fining players is a step in the right direction.

Because James Harrison and every other linebacker in the league can afford to pay up for making a dangerous hit and jeopardizing another player’s health.


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