It’s kind of like a Brett Favre retiring not retiring drama – you think the Vikings are done, but then they show some life, and then they just look pathetic.  Or maybe it’s just a parallel of Brett Favre himself, you think he’s done, he comes back, he plays okay, he plays like crap, you think he’s done, he comes back.  It’s a never ending cycle of drama and that is why the Vikings lose games.

The Vikings are now 3-6.  They are in 3rd place in the division.  The teams leading their division, the Bears and Packers, are 6-3 each.  The Vikings just fell the Bears and they have the Packers coming up this Sunday.  If they lose to the Packers, then I think you would have to say it’s over, probably.  The Vikings would be 3-7 and have several inter-division matches left on their schedule that could put them further in the hole.  After the game on Sunday, Favre just sounded beat.  He sounded out.  And the drama is still ongoing with the team both inside and out.

The Vikings remaining schedule looks like this:  Packers at home, Redskins away, Bills at home, Giants at home, Bears at home, Eagles away, Lions away.  Four games in their division – all of them at the Vikings home field.  Perhaps the only advantage they have left at this point, but I’m not sure even that can save them.  The Packers are coming off the bye and that can be an iffy thing.  Some teams come back with a big game plan and just run over the opposition and some come back and look like they are still taking the week off.  I think the Vikings lose to the Packers, win at the Redskins, win vs the Bills, lose to the Giants, win vs the Bears, lose at Eagles, and win vs Lions.  That would make them 7-9 on the season and I don’t think that gets them anywhere near the playoffs.

For the Vikings, I think it’s over, but just like with Brett Favre over is kind of a relative term.

© Photo By Vertigo Keyz


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