It’s Not Me, It’s You

So, Terrell Owens (TO) believes he doesn’t have a new job because of his “image.”  Are you kidding me?  The reason he doesn’t have a job is because the media has created a bad “image” of him and so now NFL teams won’t touch him? Seriously?  And to add ridiculousness to this he went so far as to say that if his character were a real problem the Bengals wouldn’t have called him in for a meeting.  Child please.  The Bengals gave a job to Pacman Jones…they have NO issues with anybody’s character.

Owens says that his lack of a job is because his image has portrayed him as a “cancer” in the clubhouse and that he is disruptive influence on teams.  He goes on to say he has “heard” all the things that get said about him.  He said that if you ask around the teammates and teams will say he was a team player and that as a person he is nothing like the stories portray him.  Where are all these defenders of his character?  Why are they not all coming out of the woodwork to dismiss all these negative things said and written about him if they are all so untrue?  And why hasn’t he been offered a new job yet?

I doubt that everything said and written about him is true…I mean publications do want traffic and to sell their newspapers or magazines.  But, there is usually some truth in everything isn’t there?  I think in his case it might be more than some.  If it were all untrue, you would have at least a few teams trying to get him to sign.  I know he’s a little older than some teams would like, but a veteran receiver can be a great asset to have on a team especially one with a lot of young receivers…as a mentor.  But wait, TO is just not that kind of guy is he?  Or at least it appears that teams do not think he is.

I think he will get some kind of offer.  It remains to be seen from whom and for what kind of role.  And it remains to be seen if he will actually take it as I believe whatever role he is offered it will be a much reduced one.  Maybe if he took on more of a it is me, not you attitude he might get a few more looks.  Right now it seems that he is content to portray it as it’s not me, it’s my bad press…and that’s not going to get him anything…especially a new job.

© photo credit: suzismini

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