It’s Never Too Early…Or Is It?

Florida State University Wallpaper I
Florida State University has gotten the jump on the competition and I don’t mean the upcoming games to be played, but the Heisman trophy candidates.  That’s right people, FSU has officially launched with the approval of head coach Jimbo Fisher, the Christian Ponder for Heisman website.  I kid you not.

Not one single down has been played in this season’s college football and FSU has already started their campaign for Ponder.  The site has everything – stats, media guide, build your own Ponder wallpaper, Ponder’s playlist.  It’s got it all.  And it’s freakin ridiculous.

Yes, Ponder is a good quarterback.  Yes, FSU is probably going to have a good season all things remaining even.  Yes, Ponder will probably be in Heisman contention (he doesn’t have a lot of QB competition this year).  And yes, the site looks cool.  But come on, not even one down on the field for 2010 and the school starts schilling for votes?!  Seriously, get a grip people.

I’m starting to view it kind of like the Madden NFL game cover jinx or the SI cover jinx.  There’s a such thing as counting your chickens before they’ve hatched and it’s never, ever a good idea.  FSU is counting on Ponder having a breakout season – but that remains to be seen.  So many things can happen in a season of football, in a game, in a moment on the field that changes everything.  FSU should have waited until they saw some results worth of a Heisman nomination and then thrown out this site on people.  Now they just look desperate and ridiculous.

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