It’s A Joke Right

The Pro Bowl selections came out yesterday and the first thought that entered my mind was it’s a joke right?! Surely, these selections are not the actual ones.  But shockingly enough they were.

There were the perennial Pro Bowl players like Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees and Tom Brady.  But then there were things like Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates and Dwight Freeney among others who had me wondering just how much of a joke this Pro Bowl selection process truly is.

I realize that it’s “mostly” a popularity contest, but come on Phillip Rivers over Matthew Stafford?  Antonio Gates instead of Aaron Hernandez?  Seriously, how does something like that even come close to being justified.

Then I started wondering, maybe they wanted to put some players in who had no shot at a post season so in the actual game there might be some players who actually show up and play since they play this game BEFORE the Super Bowl, yet another joke.  I was really reaching for explanations on some of these selections and I am certainly wasn’t the only one.

It certainly had something to do with the early selection process.  This year coming before many of the selections either struggled or excelled.  It hurt players like Stafford and helped players like Eli Manning who got in because voting was ended before he looked so awful.

Of course a lot of the snubbed could see action as alternates come Pro Bowl time as any player on the roster whose team makes the Super Bowl gets replaced and there could be several that need replacing depending on who makes the big game.  So yes, they still might get to play in the game, but there are those who should have been there to start with and those who shouldn’t.

It’s the same story every year.  The Pro Bowl selections come out and there are those who just don’t deserve to be there, but with the way the voting is set up and the “beauty pageant” feel of it all, it’s difficult to get the true representation.  And no matter who gets picked, there will always be someone who thinks a player got snubbed.  This year though, it’s just far too obvious.  I’m going to pretend it’s a joke.

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