Is it Unfair to Criticize Norv Turner?

Go Bolts!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Nakkash

Norv is going to keep stepping on the Chargers until San Diego can’t stand it anymore…

Norv Turner’s Chargers lost to the Jets in the AFC Divisional Playoffs in stunning fashion and now the “blame game” ensues as everyone tries to figure out whose fault it is that the “high-powered” Chargers were “1 and done” AGAIN in the playoffs.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while that Norv Turner could have stayed in Dallas and been the Leo Mazzone of the NFL.  An assistant who makes everything right and no matter who the “skipper” is could produce and produce and produce. 

Instead, Norv bounced around the NFL bungling head coaching job after head coaching job and shining as an offensive coordinator.  Doesn’t he get it by now?!

Moreover, doesn’t A.J. Smith get it?  If he fired Marty Schottenheimer for having a really good team and losing games in the playoffs he wasn’t supposed to lose then shouldn’t Norv get fired too?

Norv is 4-4 in the playoffs and each of those losses was a heart-breaker.  Some people have said that Norv can’t win the “big one” and others have cried that that is not a fair criticism.  IT IS!

Norv can’t win the “big one” and until he does we need to keep pointing that out.  Actually, he’ll be pointing that out to the Chargers until 2013 because his contract was just extended after he lost a game he wasn’t supposed to lose.

Every year he’s going to be sitting at home beore the Super Bowl wondering what just happened and every year we’ll have to have this discussion all over again.

I knew I was right to not trust a Norv Turner team because he IS NOT a quality Head Coach.  He is a Hall of Fame caliber Offensive mind and he should’ve stayed there.  

(Heck, I could have won a Super Bowl with the Cowboys if Norv had stayed put in Dallas.  That’s how good he is.)

Give him the offense and he’ll take a mile…give him the whole team and you’ll spend February at home.


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