Is It REALLY Revenge?

So the talk here in Packer country is all about Brett Favre. Again. And still. Brett Favre and revenge. Brett Favre and the fact that the Vikings are back for round two of the season. To me, this story is so overtold. Not the fact that we are playing a division rival (because that’s news) but the fact that we are playing Brett Favre. You know, cuz Favre is the whole team (she said sarcastically.)

To me, Favre is long-gone from our team. We didn’t want him anymore. So he left. He played on teams that beat us, and our team beat him and the team he played on. He is a great player, but he’s just another player. This game is not about revenge. In fact, I think looking at it that way can be dangerous for the Packers. I think “making it about Favre” can cause the team to overlook the stronger parts of the Vikings team right now.

What this game is about for me, is whether the Packers can secure the division lead. The Vikings are not out of it, not by a long run. The NFC North is kooky and odd, and we currently have a good team at the top (the Packers) and a terrible team at the top (the Bears.) Things with this Vikings game could change the tide for one of these teams. The Packers and Vikings both have battled injuries, but the Vikings also have the added distraction of dysfunctional management. The Vikings have a tremendous amount of talent, but for this week I think it’s the Packers to lose.

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