Is It Over For Jim Tressel?

I think the ship may have sailed for Jim Tressel.  Believe me, I don’t ever want to call for someone’s job, and especially in a case like this.  However, I think it’s fair at this point to assume that Tressel may not survive this.

As you may well know, the new story is that the NCAA is naming him above all others because he lied to them.  They don’t like that, and if the Bruce Pearl case is any indication — they take that personally!

I even heard someone ask today if the President of Ohio State might lose his job.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I can see how the effects are far-reaching when it comes to a guy campaigning on character and honesty who lied to the NCAA and the public at-large.

It would’ve been one thing to do what he did and then come clean when the time came.  But, he said he didn’t tell anybody and he actually forwarded the information he had to a confidant/mentor of Terrelle Pryor.  So, in essence, he was hiding the truth.  Then, he fielded ineligible players.

Since he’s already going to be suspended for five games this upcoming season it stands to reason that the NCAA may say that he’s suspended the rest of the season too.  So, if your coach misses an entire season, isn’t that pretty much his Waterloo? 

If that’s what the NCAA comes down with I think Tressel might resign rather than sit out the whole year.  Then, it becomes a question of where (or if) he coaches next and who they replace him with.

There are plenty of Ohio State alums out there, but I don’t think it’s that simple.  The vaunted Ohio State just got very radioactive and it probably isn’t getting better anytime soon.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Triple Tri

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