I’ll Take A Receiver


A better one than this guy.

There’s a feature on ESPN about third-year receivers and which one you’d really want on your team.  That kind of narrows the receiving corps significantly, but let’s give it a shot.  The choices are:

Michael Crabtree

Percy Harvin

Jeremy Maclin

Hakeem Nicks

Mike Wallace

Right off the top, I’m not that interested in Crabtree.  He got drafted too high, strong-armed the 49ers into giving him too much money, and he’s far too concerned with himself to be a good team player.  It’s a shame because he’s talented as all get-out, but he’s not a team guy.  Period.

Percy Harvin isn’t even really a receiver.  They call him that because that’s the position he played at Florida.  In reality, he’s like a slotback/running back/I’ll do everything guy.  So, no, I’m not taking him as a receiver.

Hakeem Nicks is good, but he’s been inconsistent for the inconsistent Giants.  Chances are, when he’s about 30, we’ll consider him a pretty nice receiver, but, for the moment, I don’t think he’s there yet.

Jeremy Maclin’s story is so cool.  His family was terrible.  He was a great player.  A well-to-do family took him in and he became the man he is today.  That’s always the kind of story you want to hear.  Plus, he’s a good player who is learning how to play bigger than he really is.  So, he’s great, and I’d take him if not for…

Mike Wallace.  Mike Wallace, besides doing great interviews (oh, that’s the other Mike Wallace) is a great receiver for the Steelers and he’s clearly turning himself into a number one option as Hines Ward grows older.  He’s just stepping right into a role that needed to be filled–out of nowhere.

I’d start with Mike Wallace just because he’s worked his way to the top, but I’d beg for an exception so I could have Maclin and Wallace play alongside each other.  Is that a combo or what?

Creative Commons License photo credit: ElvertBarnes

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