I’ll Say It Again, Aaron Rodgers Needs to Shut Up

Let me say, I really like Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But… the dude needs to just play and quit talking. When he talks he comes off cocky (and not in a good way) and whiny. The latest is that he brilliantly talked to ESPN radio and complained about Tony Kornheiser (who is announcing for ESPN) saying he was “stupid, dumb, and terrible.” He ranted about Kornheiser, saying he asked stupid questions and was unprepared.

Aaron Rodgers' Exit
Creative Commons License photo credit: chad davis

Now, I’m no fan of Kornheiser. But my gawd, what did Rodgers think he was going to gain by running his mouth about an announcer? And this wasn’t an announcer who attacked Rodgers, this is just someone who Rodgers felt didn’t ask him enough of the right kind of questions.

Rodgers seems to have an issue about replacing Favre. Like he wants fans to immediately love him. The way to get that love he so craves is to prove himself. Quit talking. Quit attacking announcers and sounding like a jerk. Just play.


  1. […] Originally Posted by ManInTheMirror I love how, and assumed that, the Packers fans are trying to sway us to think nothing of this story. Typical. At first I was on their side, I was like "maybe there is more to this then we know, maybe he had the runs and needed to get to a toilet". THEN I WATCHED THE VIDEO. AR has always been a dick. Thats why i dont understand how anyone can brush off YET ANOTHER story about him. "I don't feel I need to sell myself to the fans … They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut." Aaron Rodgers has an odd way of ingratiating himself to fans – Shutdown Corner – NFL – Yahoo! Sports I?ll Say It Again, Aaron Rodgers Needs to Shut Up : Football Tickets Online […]

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