I Think A&M Made Everybody Mad

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans, Reliant Stadium

It's Sort Of That, "We're Better Than Everybody Else Thing."

When Texas A&M goes to the SEC next year, they will have to put a hold on their rivalry with Texas.  Why?  Well, it seems that Texas’ AD sent a letter to A&M’s AD saying that they just didn’t have any room in their schedule for more non-conference games.  That means that the rivalry is dead for now.  It also means that A&M really pissed everybody off.

I mean, we’re not that deep into this realignment thing and, already, we have one school basically discontinuing a long held rivalry with another.  That’s pretty ballsy regardless of who you are.

Texas AD DeLoss Dodds said that:

“In my e-mail to Bill Byrne, I wrote that we were not in a position now to look at future football scheduling.  We’re scheduled out with nonconference games through 2018 and our Big 12 schedule is not yet settled. What we have right now is a full schedule but if any future options are available, the decision will not be made by just one person.”

That’s code for, we’re done with you because you left the Big 12 because we had this huge TV contract.  That means that Texas is fine with being the splinter, but when people start to move away from the splinter, they have a problem with that.

Now, I see how it is.  Texas thinks it gets to do whatever it wants, however, other schools cannot make decisions in their own best interests.  And, you know what, Texas may be completely booked with non-conference games, but to allow this to become a story is at the feet of Texas.  They need to learn how to handle things with a little more class.  I always suspected them of not really being the sweetest program to begin with, but these kinds of things make it hard to pull for them.

Creative Commons License photo credit: StartAgain

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