I Like Cam Newton More Today

“Half the time it wasn’t me shutting people down because I was thinking they weren’t giving the same effort as me, it was me knowing there were things I could do that could have changed the outcome of the game … I put a lot on me to be able to respond. When things are going wrong, I wanted to have the ball in my hand, just like any warrior, any competitor who has played this game. When you don’t get the results you want, I didn’t go about it the right way.”

“I have to have the same mentality, but I have to go about it in a different way.  It’s an overall maturity level that has to kick in. It’s saying, ‘OK, that was two plays ago that you threw that interception, now you have to let that go and get past that.’ I can’t be moping and crying about making a bonehead play when it was three series ago. That’s the thing that I did that has to change.”

When Cam Newton says this about himself.  When he takes it all on himself to show that the team could have been better, you know that you have a megastar on your hands.  He’s more than just a great talent.  He’s a maturation machine.  The boy is changing the way his team is perceived every time he plays and every time he opens his mouth.  That’s something that you can’t teach.  He just knows what he needs to do.  He knows how to lead an NFL team.  I didn’t say that he can win a title, but he knows how to lead a team.  That’s pretty big for someone who was openly mocked (by me, as well) for only knowing a number for offensive plays in college.

Good job, Cam.  I’m impressed.

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