I Knew It–Bama Third In BCS After Loss

You read it right.  Alabama is third in the BCS after losing to number one LSU.  Yep, that’s what you heard.  So, it’s LSU, Okie State, and then Bama.  Granted, Bama is far behind number two Oklahoma State, but they’re number three.  That’s pretty much all that matters at this point.

Stanford and Boise are right behind, but, unless something miraculous happen, this one, two, three combo is going to stay the same.  Now, we know that unless the Tigers lose before the SEC title game, they are going to get extra juice for playing the SEC title game.  Their only chance of falling now is to lose the SEC title game.  Okie State is basically the same way.  However, only one has to lose for Alabama to get back in there.

This is what I was hoping for.  Okie State is Okie State, and while I would love to see Mike Gundy succeed, I can see them losing somewhere along the road and letting Bama right back into it.  Yes, there is the consideration of, “What happens if Stanford wins the Pac-12 title,” but we all see now that Bama gets total respect from the voters (and apparently the computers, too.)

The idea of a rematch is quite compelling to me because it tells me that we are really close to getting the BCS to put the two best teams in the country in a game to decide the national champion.  (Yep, the BCS might be working better, and this is proof.)

Now, for those who do not want to see a rematch, I just want to say that I understand your frustration, but a 9-6 thriller between one and two deserves a rematch.  It just does.  There’s no other way to say it.   Just a few more weeks of waiting now.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matthew Tosh


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