I don’t want it to end like this(and I want to hear from JoePa)

Joe Pa
Joe Paterno’s regime at Penn State (one that has produced over 400 victories) is not something that I want to see end like this.  All of the allegations over Jerry Sandusky (a former longtime assistant) are bringing up some very wild and intense judgment from everyone in the media.  It’s wrong.  It’s all wrong.  I’m not condoning anything that has gone on.  However, I don’t think that Joe Paterno’s statue should be torn down, he should quit right now, or that he should come out and apologize for anything other than what he feels are his shortcomings in this situation.

If his regime ends, I want it to end at the end of the season when he says that he’s, basically, in the words of Danny Glover, “Too old for this s***.”  When he feels like that’s it, then that’s it.  You know why?  Because he knows he was wrong.  At that point, he can go.

I don’t want him to have to quit because of something that happened with one of his assistants, but it was on HIS watch.  So, he has to be held to account for it on some level.  Can we have him answer all the questions before we decide that it’s time for him to go?  I want to see him stand up in front of the press and answer every question without his kid there.  Then, and only then, will we make a judgment about whether or not he should remain the head football coach at The Pennsylvania State University.

Anyone who is calling for his head now is simply reacting and not thinking.  It’s all terrible.  The allegations are terrible, but we need to hear from Joe Pa himself before we throw him out with the bath water.  If he can’t answer all the questions;  it’s time to go.  If he can, then we have to think long and hard about the situation before giving him the boot.

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