How to Avoid Fantasy Football “Internal Draft Drama”

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (Clearly The ONLY Thing Going for This Team Right Now...)The first Fantasy football drafts are about a week away and surely you and all your friends are getting amped up.  Buying magazines, watching ESPN FF specials, and eavesdropping on all the hearsay and water cooler talk you can to try to get that last minute nugget of knowledge to anticipate the pick that will make you the genius of your fantasy league.  Want a little more advice?  Don’t believe the hype.  Your buddy in Accounting does not know more than you do just because he got an A- in Statistics…fantasy football is primarily guesswork.  But there are ways to get more value out of the picks you do select…and here are a few:

1)  Stop being a homer.  Ok, you’re from Buffalo, born and raised.  You love the Buffalo Bills.  You want to draft all Buffalo Bills.  Are you an idiot?  Absolutely.  Make sure you check your hometown spirit at the door in fantasy football leagues.  Not only will you be outcast and mocked as an uneducated manager, you will be at the bottom of the barrel at the end of the season.  Even seemingly great team picks such as the Indianapolis Colts most often don’t work out because you don’t get all the top players for the team you are “repping.”  If you find yourself sweating in the 10th round because you are hoping Mike Hart falls to you, you are guilty of this sin.  If you refuse my advice…don’t worry, he’ll be there.

2)  Too much homework can be bad.  In this case, you become over-prepared.  You read every FFL magazine front to back twice.  You do over 10 mock drafts combined on ESPN, Yahoo, CNN Sportsline, Sporting News, etc.  You Tivo FFL specials on ESPN or any other network before your draft and watch them nightly, simultaneously changing your draft order based on what word Erik Kuselias uses to describe the spiral of a Drew Brees pass highlight.  What happens is: you freeze on draft day.  Your brain is overloaded with knowledge and you cannot pull the trigger as easily as you usually can.  Do I take Chris Johnson or AP with the first pick?  You won’t be able to remember what made you reach the decision you do…but you will remember Adrian Peterson was born on March 21st and is an Aries who loves Muscle Milk.  Which brings me to #3…

3)  Go with your gut.  Try to avoid any outside influences on your selections.  You are most likely paying some kind of money for your league and there is a prize of some sort.  So why would you listen to your broke-ass brother-in-law when making your picks?  He isn’t paying for your team and has nothing to lose, but if that pick works out, he’s going to try to take credit and mooch off you again, just like he passes out drunk on your couch every 4th of July.  If you can cut these FFL scavengers out of the equation, you have no one to blame or pay respect to you other than yourself.  If your buddy isn’t willing to fork up some cash for his own team or make the time dedication to managing his own team, screw him.  Don’t let him live vicariously through you. 

P.S.  Any other person in your draft, even your best friend, has a skewed perspective at this point and is by no means looking out for your best interests.  Trust me, Fantasy Football is on an island where friendships do not exist.

A short list to be sure.  But, cut these three major faux pas from your draft day and you will undoubtedly have a better draft.  Beware the scavenger…

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  1. #1 is definitely a major mistake to avoid. I have seen a couple of otherwise good teams get taken down because of this mistake. It is one of the things I posted about in an article as something not to do either. If you must draft someone from your favorite team, then make sure it is at the right round with a position you need.

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