How Long Before They Start?

There were so many young guys taken in the draft that there are always going to be questions about when a new guy is going to start.  There were so many young QBs taken that this debate can go on forever until all of them have seen the field.

Let’s go through all of them and see how long it takes to get all of these guys in the starting lineup and starring for their teams.  Remember, these are all rookies, but I’m assuming that they will ALL see the field this season.  Heck, if Tim Tebow was playing last year, then you know anything is possible.

Cam Newton–Will be starting as soon as Carolina has done their token chance for Jimmy Clausen to somehow win them over and become the starter of their dreams.  Chances are, that will last a week or two.  Then, Cam will get the ball and he’ll start in Carolina for at least the next decade.

Blaine Gabbert–Is behind a guy that nobody likes in Jacksonville.  David Garrard just isn’t that popular, and that means that the first hint of trouble could mean that Garrard gets replaced.  Sure, he’s getting paid a lot of money, but the masses will be ready to see Gabbert and the Jags really need to sell tickets, so they’ll probably do anything to get ahead of the eight ball.

Christian Ponder–Since McNabb is in Minnesota, Ponder will not be brought in unless McNabb gets hurt, which he will.  Ponder will start one or two games while Donovan is on the mend.  Then, the team will still have a pretty good year, Donovan will get a one year deal for next year, and then Ponder will be the starter for good after that.

Jake Locker–Is going to have to sit behind Matt Hasslebeck all year, but he too will come in for an injured Hasslebeck.  Then, after a couple more years, Locker will be the boy of the future.

It’s just that simple.  Let’s see how fast they really get to the field.

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