Michigan vs. Iowa 075
How jacked up is Michigan?  Michigan is a man’s football team.  They play hard-nosed, tough, big ten football.  Right?

Not anymore.  Rich Rod had them running the spread and they didn’t even look like Michigan.  Sure, the uniforms were the same and the helmets were unmistakable, but they didn’t look like Michigan.

Now, we’re waiting to see who doesn’t want the Michigan job.  Most people think Jim Harbaugh might be interested, but the team is so messed up right now that you couldn’t blame him for telling them, “Thanks, but no thanks”.

Les Miles didn’t want any part of them, and the list goes on and on of guys who’ve thought better of taking the Michigan job.  It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad school, or that Lloyd Carr was so hard to follow, or any of that.  Michigan football is broken.

I don’t know who can fix it, but they are losing about a zillion-to-nothing to Ohio State in the “cashing in on the rivalry” game.  Ohio State looks like a team anyone would want to play for, and now Michigan doesn’t look so hot.

They’re getting their butts kicked by the Buckeyes every year, and this is all because of one thing.

They failed to capitalize on momentum.

When they lost to Ohio State a couple years back EVERYONE thought there was a chance they could get a rematch with OSU in the national title game.  It seemed plausible.  Lloyd Carr has them rolling.

Then, he left and the University decided to change everything up and let Rich Rod jack up the system.  He ran his spread mess and it didn’t work.  Instead of working off the momentum from a near rematch for a national title with their archenemy they sank into oblivion.

Oh where, oh where have the victors gone?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Bronson


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