How Hurt is Dwight Freeney?

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Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

Dwight Freeney has a sprained ankle that could keep him out of the Super Bowl, but I have to ask…how hurt is he?

He, supposedly, couldn’t walk a few days ago and then he showed up to media day without a boot or anything on…just flip-flops.

Here’s my thing.  Perhaps he’s not AS BAD as we thought and he’s starting to feel better.  If so, that would be very good.  Freeney is a common thread in the Colts’ 2006 success and now.  He anchors a good defense.

However, what if he’s even more hurt than we thought?  What if he’s trying to figure out how to make this work?

I mean, if you were him, wouldn’t you walk around on it for a few days just to get used to the excruciating pain so by game-day they could tape you up and you could just go?  I think I might.

T.O. kind of did the same thing before the Eagles played in the Super Bowl.  He tested that thing and got himself “used to” the pain so he could play the game. 

The only problem with that?  The Eagles lost.

Now, I don’t think Dwight Freeney is the “key” to the game, but what if it only takes a couple plays with him in there for New Orleans to score 14 points?  You know?

Raheem Brook is ready to fill in for Freeney and he’s even said “I’m ready”.  That’s good.  Actually, that’s very good.  You’ll be subbing for a Pro-Bowler in the biggest game of your life and you won’t be scared, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a distraction if Freeney attempts to play.

I’m not saying teams should disclose everything, but I think gamblers would like to know how hurt Freeney is.  He could be the difference between covering and not covering the spread.

He’s bigger than we give him credit for.  This is SERIOUS.

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