How Do The Steelers Go On Without Hines Ward?

I know that Hines Ward was just one guy on a 53-man roster, but he was the emotional heart of the Steelers.  He was a receiver who blocked hard, and he was a guy who exemplified what the tough Steeler spirit was all about.  Now, the Steelers don’t have that guy on their team.  They need to have a guy on their roster that can take up that mantle and do something with it.  If we look around the Steelers roster, there’s only one guy who stands out and says to me, that’s the guy.

Troy Polamalu.  He’s the next best person for this job.  He is an older player who has been around for all of the Steelers’ current success, and he plays hard.  He wants to go every week whether he’s hurt or not, and he’s a nice guy (plus, he has fabulous hair.)  I know that this sounds like something that is pretty inconsequential because it’s not a position, it’s not a play, and it’s not a scheme.  It’s just a guy who is going to carry the team emotionally.  When that is the case, I think we need to allow for the Steelers to keep doing what they were doing, but also give them some time to re-center themselves emotionally.  Yes, I think it’s very serious.  I think if we don’t allow for the Steelers to make that change, we’ll be crushing them because they seem a little off.  And, that wouldn’t be fair.

Football is so violent and so emotional, and if we don’t acknowledge that the game is very hard for teams to play, then we are discounting what a toll is really takes when the players hit the field.  It hurts the body and it hurts the mind.  I’m ready to see the Steelers get it back together.

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