Helmet To Helmet Hits Should Result In Suspensions, Not Fines

Many folks have made a big deal out of the three fines this week that were dished out to defensive players for brutal (but some legal) hits that were delivered last weekend that resulted in a player leaving the game concussed because of the helmet to helmet nature of the hit. These total fines cumulatively did not exceed anywhere near $200,000 dollars and the fact that most people consider the ruling harsh has left one NFL fan scratching his head.

NFL representatives this week admitted that they are setting a high bar with these sometimes plus $50,000 dollar fines and some players (James Harrison) are even claiming that they consider retiring because the costly fines will affect the way they play the game and their bank account. I personally, believe that these fines are not significant or harsh at all considering the fact that most of these athletes make several million dollars a year and the fine would not encompass even 5% of that total gross in the first place.

If athletes are pulling $50,000 dollar practical jokes on rookies for a dinner bill then why not fine them $100,000 for jeopardizing another player’s health on the field? I will admit that not all of these fines dished out our fair (see Dunta Robinson’s hit), but protecting the player’s health is something the NFL needs to do because the game is only enhanced by having healthy star players like Desean Jackson or Josh Cribbs.

Several NFL personalities have been critical of the fact that zero NFL players have been suspended yet for the illegal hit and in the most brutally obvious of examples of a dirty hit they should be punished for at least a game. Not only would they lose their game paycheck, but they would miss an entire game and week of practice rather then just the remainder of the game in which they committed the hit.

But fining them $50,000 dollars isn’t enough. After all most of these guys don’t even have a $50,000 dollar car in their garage full of cars, so why not just go the route of suspensions.


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