Hasselbeck Out, Leinart And Jackson In

Matt Hasselbeck is out in Seattle.  It appears that he won’t be returning, and the Seahawks are coming to terms with Tavaris Jackson and Matt Leinart.  This is a reunion for Matt Leinart and Pete Carroll who won titles together at USC.

Plus, this is the perfect setting for Matt Leinart to make a comeback.  Pete Carroll was his college coach, saw him with the Heisman, and knows how to push this guy’s buttons.  Sometimes, someone who knows you as a younger person can be more motivating and get the most out of you.

Signing Jackson is likely a backup plan.  I’m not saying that Jackson won’t start right away, but he’s probably the “other” guy in case Leinart doesn’t work out.  I have no problem with Tavaris Jackson, but the Leinart and Carroll connection is pretty obvious in this scenario.

People have reported that Hasselbeck has talked to the 49ers and the Titans.  The Titans would be a good fit because he’s an older quarterback like Kerry Collins.  The team responded to Collins, so, why wouldn’t it respond to Hasselbeck?  The 49ers may be a fit because they probably envision him mentoring a younger guy (Smith or Kaepernick) as he starts in front of them.

Either way, I’m surprised that Hasselbeck didn’t ask to go to more of a contender.  Even though the AFC East is stacked, he could have done well in Miami, I think.  He might also have success in Washington.  Again, the NFC East is stacked, but I think he would do well and might stand up to the Shanahans.

This is probably best for all parties.  Matt Leinart can become a star again, Tavaris Jackson gets another chance, and Hasselbeck gets to move on.  I hope Matt Hasselbeck lands somewhere where he can win (and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a 49er uniform.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: theSuperStar


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