The Jets had hoped to make some big gains in the shortened free agency window.  In fact, they had banked on it.  Too bad it’s not working out the way they hoped and the team is taking some hard knocks.

The Jets had been focused on acquiring  star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.  So focused in fact, they started reworking contracts, letting people go, and letting others leave without so much as an offer.  The Jets reworked the contracts of LaDainian Tomlinson, Calvin Pace and Bart Scott.  They released backup QB Mark Brunnell.  Then, they let all-purpose star Brad Smith hop to the Bills without even making him an offer to stay.  And then, Asomugha gets snapped up by the Eagles.

The Jets also lost one of their own cornerbacks when Drew Coleman bolted to the Jags and a 3 year contract.  All of this happened in a matter of minutes.  Asomugha’s people told the Jets they were out of the running and then Coleman skipped away within minutes of each other.  Rex Ryan had to be feeling especially knocked around given the value he places on corners.

That leaves the Jets with a couple of options that stand out.  They can go with Antonio Cromartie or they can try to poach one of the Eagles overflowing riches at the position.  A likley candidate would be Asante Samuel, who did not report to Eagles camp citing personal reasons.  The Jets could look at the Raven’s Chris Carr or perhaps former 49er Nate Clements.

The Jets now have a good amount of money to play with since they aren’t going to have to pay Asomugha.  They also need a #2 receiver and names like Randy Moss and James Jones have been thrown about.  This morning, it was being reported that the Jets will not re-sign Braylon Edwards.  They apparently do not have the cap space to do so.  That writing was on the wall the minute the Jets gave Holmes a 5 year $50 million deal and Edwards had his probation extended in an Ohio court related to punching a friend of LeBron James’ and on Friday he also pleaded no contest to a DWI charge in New York.  So the Jets, are definitely in the market for a #2 receiver.

The Jets have suffered some hard knocks during this abbreviated free agency period.  But they always seem to bounce back.  It will be interesting to see who they get next to punch back.


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