Harbaugh Keeps Himself At Home

Mitchell & Ness 49ers Helmet Fitted Cap
Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers have agreed, according to sources, on a 5-year $25 million dollar deal for Harbaugh to become the next coach of the 49ers.  As a 49er fan I say, “Halle-freakin-lujah”!

It’s about time we got smart and realized that Bill Walsh came from Stanford.  We just bagged to most wanted coach in, like, forever.  It’s been a long time since someone has had this much cache surrounding them and I’m so pleased that the 49ers will probably make some real decisions now that a hard-nosed guy like Harbaugh is in place.

The problem, ultimately, with Mike Singletary was that he didn’t have head-coaching experience.  He was a great player, but he never did anything with the “big headset” on.  Jim Harbaugh went to Stanford — STANFORD — and crushed a good opponent in a BCS bowl.

Now, what’s his number one priority?  He can’t have Andrew Luck.  Does he wait a year or does he do something with what they have?  Does he force the front office to go out and find someone?  Does he say he wants a shot at Vince Young?

Is it all of the above?

I think he told them, “Alex Smith sucks and I refuse to deal with his worthlessness”.  That’s just me, but can you blame him?

After that I hope he goes to Vernon Davis and says, “Give me this team in the palm of my hand”.  The faster he endears himself to Vernon Davis the better.  Vernon is a leader (and their second best player besides Patrick Willis).  Then he needs to go to Patrick Willis and tell him, “If you don’t kill somebody next year I’m cutting you”.

Oh, and by kill I mean one of his teammates.  Patrick Willis needs to own this defense immediately or they’ll never get anywhere.

My money’s on Harbaugh making the smart moves.  This is a good day in San Francisco.

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