Half A Back

The Tim Tebow supporters are now back in full force after the Broncos beat the Raiders.  After a week of he’s just terrible by almost everyone I’ve heard talking about him, he’s now just great.  Or is he….

Tebow made the case that he is would make an absolutely outstanding NFL half back.  He had 12 rush attempts for 118 yards.  That is more than most ACTUAL running backs in the NFL got on Sunday.  However, he was 10/21 on pass attempts for 124 yards and yes 2 TDs.  The Broncos had almost 300 yards rushing as a team and they also picked the Raiders 3 times.  If any team in the NFL has almost 300 yards rushing and 3 picks, they will win the game no matter who their quarterback is.  So it is with the Broncos.

Denver decided to play to Tebow’s strength.  Notice that’s not plural.  He has one mechanical strength, running.  He displayed it in college all the time.  He has displayed it in the NFL.  Tebow can run.  If the Broncos think that they can put 300 yards one every NFL team every week and get 3 picks every week on every NFL team, then they don’t have to worry about Tebow’s lack of throwing ability.  Maybe that’s their plan.  And maybe it will work against a fe teams, but not all.

The only problem with that plan is that a running Tebow is an exposed Tebow.  He has had 3 known concussions between college and the NFL and maybe a few others that were milder and not reported or discovered. If he runs, he’s going to get hit, a lot.  How much can he take? As much as say a Ray Rice?  I doubt it.  But believe me after this weekend, it will be the Broncos ONLY game plan as long as Tebow is their starting QB.

The Broncos have the Chiefs next and they looked abysmal this weekend.  They then face the Jets and the Chargers.  I am not sure that their game plan will work with those two teams, but you can be almost guaranteed that they will stick with that plan, Tebow as half a back.

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