Green Bay Packer Being Investigated for Alleged Sexual Assault

An unnamed Green Bay Packer is being investigated for a sexual assault charge. The incident was reported early this morning, and happened sometime between 3-4 a.m. Seven players were in a cabin in Lake Delton (which is near the Wisconsin Dells area) and two Milwaukee women were in the cabin with them. The player in question said he did in fact have sex with the two women, but it was consensual. The women say otherwise.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Kehrer

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Six players – Matt Flynn, Khalil Jones, Josh Sitton, Korey Hall, Brad Jones and Clay Matthews – were released and cleared of any involvement.”

This, as a Packer fan, makes me very, very sad. There is nothing worse than hearing that the players on your favorite team have been acting like buffoons. Sure, six players have been “cleared” of involvement, but what are seven players doing in a room with two women anyways? Why do professional athletes put themselves in a position that will call their moral judgment into question? Because even if six of the seven are “cleared,” I’m still wondering what the deuce these boys were doing in Lake Delton and why they needed to bring chicks back to their cabin.

The police aren’t releasing the name of the seventh player, the one in question, until they sort out all the facts. But even if they are all cleared, this certainly doesn’t bode well for these guys.

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