Got Tebow?

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NFL came out with their sales numbers form April 1 through June 30 and guess who is on the top of the jersey sales list?  That’s right, Tim Tebow.  He hasn’t played a single down in the NFL and he already has the best selling jersey at NFL  The legend of Tebow continues, but what is even more surprising is who he is besting to be number 1.

Donovan McNabb comes in at #2 most likely bolstered by his move from the Eagles to the Redskins.  All his fans have to change jerseys now.  Michael Vick has dropped out of the top 25, while McNabb’s replacement Kevin Kolb comes in at number 24 on the list.

Rounding out the top 6 jersey sellers are Drew Brees of the Saints, Peyton Manning of the Colts, Tony Romo of the Cowboys, and Brett Favre of the we assume Vikings.  One noticeable perennial top jersey seller who has slipped down the list – Tom Brady who falls to number 14, his lowest point since the 2006 season.

Some of the more notable rookies on the list include the Lions Suh at number 8, the Rams Bradford at 9, and the Cowboys Dez Bryant at number 15.

Tebow remains enormously popular and shows no signs of slowing down.  Imagine how many jerseys will sell if he actually plays this season for the Broncos.  Then, the question will be who doesn’t got Tebow with the answer being almost no one – everyone will have a Tebow jersey by then.

Deborah Horton Writing

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