Good Question: Is Throwing For 300 Yards Still A Big Deal?

I think I have an answer.  Throwing for 300 yards is a very big deal, but it all depends on what kind of offense you run.  Do you run an offense that is run-first?  If so, you don’t have to throw for 300 yards, but, if you are, that’s a really good thing.

If you have to throw the ball to win games, you have a major problem if you do not throw for 300 yards.  I would even say that you really should have a goal of throwing for 400 yards because that’s the only way that you can guarantee that you have enough good shots to win games.  If you don’t have all those good shots, then you may not be able to score enough points because you can’t run the ball.

That’s something that plagued Peyton Manning and currently plagues Drew Brees.  That’s why Brees broke the single season passing record.  Think about it.  You have to have a bigger goal than just 300 yards.  So, 300 yards is actually not a good goal at all.  You really don’t push that hard if you can run the ball, and you need much more than the 300 yards that is standard in order to win if you are not running the ball well.

Think about all the ways that a football team can win and imagine if the only goal for the offense was to throw for 300 yards.  That team wouldn’t get very far, would it?  That’s what happens when teams fall into a little hole and don’t try to make their offense more diverse.  Sure, you should have an identity, but stats make you lose your identity very fast.  You know if your team does that or not, and it saddens you when they do.

300 is just a number, just like the age of the athlete.



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