Good Dawgs

The Georgia Bulldogs didn’t end the season on the note that fans would have wanted, but they did end the season with a winning record, and a good one at that.

At the beginning of the season, it looked for all the world like Mark Richt was headed out of Georgia.  The media certainly had him with one foot out the door based on last season’s poor showing.  The team started off against Boise State and promptly lost the game.  This gave rise to even more articles predicting Richt’s demise and gave Boise State even more “artificially” created credibility.  Georgia was already on the ropes according to many.

The very next weekend at the home opener and SEC opener against South Carolina, Georgia loses again.  Starting the season 0-2 and looking for all the world like it was over for both the team and for Richt.  After the loss to South Carolina, the media had Richt fired, done.  They had the team finished.  Predicting gloom and doom at every turn.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way.  Georgia proceeded not to lose another regular season game.  They won every single one.  Every SEC matchup and ever out of conference matchup.  The team looked great and played great and what do you know, Mark Richt was all of a sudden a genius.  The tone of the coverage significantly shifted towards the end of the season and then with the SEC title game looming, all kinds of crazy things started to come out in the media.  Would Georgia spoil LSU’s trip to the BCS title game?

Well that scenario was not to be.  Georgia played an outstanding 1st half of football holding LSU to 12 yards of offense TOTAL and ZERO first downs.  However, after the half, LSU made the  necessary adjustments and Georgia continued to try to play the same way except even more conservative and some really awful play calling in the 2nd half.  That coupled with some really awful turnovers led to a thrashing of Georgia in the 2nd half ending in an LSU title victory.

But that doesn’t take away from the great season that Georgia was able to turn out.  They turned completely around from last year’s debacle and ended the season with only 2 regular season losses.  Assuring a bowl game appearance, most likely in the Outback Bowl vs Michigan State and also assuring that head coach Mark Richt will be back next year.

It was a season filled with highs and some lows and there are definitely areas that need work, but the Bulldogs have a great foundation to build on and next season should be just as exciting if not more so.  For this season though, it was definitely good Dawgs.

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