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The SEC picture is still a little muddled, but the University of Georgia has one thing already sorted out.  The Dawgs will start red shirt freshman Aaron Murray at QB.  A true 1st time starter, Murray will take over a Georgia team that may not be as bad off as some would have you believe.

Georgia will return 10 starters to surround Murray on his new adventure into guiding an SEC football team.  That’s a lot of experience around a true babe in the woods.  Murray will be able to rely on the experiences of these players as well as Logan Gray (now the backup QB) who had decided to exit Georgia, but then reconsidered putting team ahead of his own desires.  The offense is looking good with a healthy Ealey and Green.  That tandem could give opposing defenses a lot of trouble this season.

The Dawgs weakness comes on the defensive side of the ball.  The team lost most of its defensive backfield but that might not be a bad thing considering how it performed last year.  Georgia must defend the pass….and they must do it better than last season or what Murray does won’t matter much.

Most of the early (and extremely speculative) polls don’t even have Georgia in the Top 25 before the season.  Only ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has the Dawgs in the Top 25, he has them at 20.  A lot of the unwillingness to put Georgia in the Top 25 comes from the unknown with Murray.  He’s brand new…a true frosh.  A lot will depend on how he performs.  I have faith in Murray.  I think he can definitely get the job done.  The defense I’m not so sure about…yet.  The team is excited.  They believe they can compete and win in the SEC.  I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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