Friday the 13th, Bad Luck to 31 NFL Teams


The New Orleans Saints have finally did what they needed to do for months now. Sign Drew Brees. Today both sides have come to an agreement on a 5-year $100 million contract, making him the highest paid player in NFL history. Brees will receive $60 million of that money in the first three years of his contract, $40 million in the first year alone and a $37 million signing bonus.

When the deal was done Brees wrote on Twitter:

“Deal is Done! Love you, Who Dat Nation. See you soon!”

Jimmy Graham wrote:

“Congrats @drewbrees…very happy for you, your family and all the Whodat Nation….let’s go get the trophy”

With the Brees deal done the Saints only focus now is representing the NFC in their own home in Super Bowl XLVII this year.


  1. http://Ava%20Gibbons says

    Brees’ main goal was to be paid higher than Brady and Manning. So be it. He’s played 12 years, first 6 in SD were not very impressive. While he has brought NO alive, funny how his best 3 seasons occurred during ‘bountygate’. His entire career has not been consistent nor in no way compares to Peyton or Brady. He has a big need for attention, whined and complained throughout the contract process (while making a fuss about bounties). You don’t see Manning or Brady tweeting about their contracts or anything for that matter. They remain private. Brees talks too much about himself and his team spirit has diminished considerably. I used to really like Brees. His attitude, demeanor has completely changed and every time I see his face on TV I change the channel. Big bucks don’t ensure ultimate happiness or wins. His personal quest for attention will not ease the problems in NO. But it will put alot of pressure on him to be perfect-which he is far from being. 1 SB, a few records does not make him the greatest QB. It’s a full career that awards status. He’s been good for NO, but that’s it. NFL salaries are getting out of control and will only increase the cost for fans to attend games.

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