Free Agent Maddness!

It’s been a long time Browns Fans!  However, I’m back and should start adding a lot more input as well as some out of the box points of view for everyone to enjoy.  So let’s get to it …

Just minutes away from Free Agency Frenzy and I have to admit that I really am pumped for what is about to happen.  Don’t get me wrong.  You can not build an NFL team with only free agents.  You have to build using the draft.  However, for a team that has not really had anything to build on this may be a way to get things in place. 

Last year we learned we have some talented but young receivers.  A defense that is improving, and a running back who could be built for the long haul.  However, let’s not forget out old but young QB who set records as far as the Browns our concerned.  So that is a good start.  However, we want better.  As fan’s you must hope that your team is looking for ways to get better.  Now we have a new owner, HC, DC, OC … in fact there is not that much that looks the same.  My personal hope is that this is the sign of a new direction.  One where we can count on seeing the Browns in the playoffs sooner rather than later.

So let’s look at the free agent chaos that is about to happen.  First it looks as if Josh Cribbs will not be returning and no matter where this man goes I will cheer for him.  He has been a major impact for the Browns with his play on the field and leadership off the field.  He’s one of those players I’m glad to see was with the Browns.  Best of luck to you Josh Cribbs.  So who are we gonna go after?  Twitter,, ESPN and several other sites have reported some great stuff as far as I’m concerned dealing with the Browns.  First and I think this is a done deal … Paul Kruger is gonna leave the Ravens and come to the Browns!  Also, we are pushing hard (and again, I think it’s a done deal) for Dannell Ellerbe from the Ravens again!  This really is a major win for the Browns if this happens.  You bump up your D play and take away from division rivals.  Next, TE Jared Cook from Tenn. would be a major safety blanket for Brandon Weeden next season.  Cook wants WR money and Tenn wants to pay him TE money.  Looks like Tenn could lose out.  Word also going on is that Greg Jennings could be in the mix.  However, with the moves that Minn. is doing I really think he could end up there if the Packers don’t resign him. 

With agents allowed to being talks this past weekend I really feel this is going to be a major night in the free agent market.  I’ll try to keep everyone updated as much as possible via Twitter which you can follow me @Mest2dMax

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