Former Bear McMahon Suffers From Memory Loss

The 1985 Chicago Bears are one of the most famous teams in NFL history. But if you asked the team’s popular QB about the final score of every game that year, he might not be able to remember many of them.

Former Bears QB Jim McMahon has recently been raising concussion awareness by joining up with the Chicago-based Sports Legacy Institute. McMahon also is considering candidacy to be a research patient with Boston University’s brain science study regarding the effects of the NFL brain post-career. McMahon is trying to help out with the serious issue, so that future stars of tomorrow do not experience many of the setbacks that the players from his generation have.

McMahon admitted that he has become very forgetful over the last ten years and the quarterback believes that his playing career is the reason why. McMahon’s girlfriend claimed that the former QB sometimes asks her the same question multiple times unknowingly within ten minutes of one another and also often forgets where they are driving to when riding along in the car.

McMahon admits that he no longer can remember specific games or defining moments of his NFL career. The quarterback mentioned several of his problems in an interview with the Chicago Tribune and expects to undergo a brain scan soon:

I’ve been hit in the head so many times, it’s hard to remember that far back. I don’t remember specific games. My memory’s pretty much gone. There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there. I’m going through some studies right now, and I am going to do a brain scan. It’s unfortunate what the game does to you.

I’ve worked with some neurosurgeons and it’s a very serious thing, man.

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